Getting To Know Me!

Robert and J CleanI just want to take a moment to get down and dirty about why I am really here. Do I want to promote my amazing business selling LuLaRoe? Yes of coarse, the clothes are amazing. They are comfortable and beautiful and have a way of letting everyone’s personality shine through. They are made for real women! Not the super models you see on TV and yet they still make me feel like that super model everyday that I put them on!

But it’s more then just that, yes I am a mom trying to start a business but I am so much more then that. I have so much more to share then just my business. Between raising a toddler and going through the never ending divorce the challenges are endless. I want to share those challenges with everyone because I think it’s important for people to see the messy bits, that there is struggle and hard times. But mostly that there is always a way to conquer and push through.

My hope is my blogs will be real, they will be relate-able and I can help inspire others who may be dealing with just as much as I am in my life, if not more. We all struggle sometimes and if sharing my struggles as well as the good times can help others then I will happily put it all out there. And I mean it all so I hope you will stay with me and enjoy all I have to share.